I have birds. Their names are Shaky, Ghost Face, Goldie and Snowy

It’s a love hate relationship. They are visual stimuli to my eyes. They do cute things alone or when they are together. But then its the other side of the equation.

They are messy.

Cleaning up behind them…

I felt suffocated.

Placing me down in this hard ass chair. I’m telling them nothing these ass holes. Nothing.

No matter how hard they try to get into my head before they start to beat me. Pull out my fingernails or even water board me. Torture me. …

I ask you; when was the last time you had been kissed that was the most magical memorable kiss?

Do you remember?

Have you ever experienced that most magical of kisses?

Most kisses are nice or even memorable but not magical.

Maybe it happened this morning or maybe this evening…

Hopefully this gives some people a chance to reflect on the United States and the world situation. Conspiracy theorist maybe I am or maybe a man who sits around and sees the US and the world for what it is. Maybe just food for thought.

How do drugs get in…

There is Kinoba and Aleeza. They are the most beautiful women in the world to me. And they want me. Me. Like wow. Mind exploding. Black dude from nowhere and fighting hard to go somewhere and just trying to make a difference. …

I have been chasing them ever since I was at the academy; correction, I have been chasing them all my life. You know them as boogeymen and women of the world.

And I get a real hard on when I either catch them or kill them.

I am Sterling Winters.


I had my writing voices screaming at me this morning to write this.

The BIG BOOGIE MAN (noted I said man NOT woman) is coming up before the Supreme Court. ABORTION.

And I can imagine the following.

I have NEVER been a woman. Not going…


We all have “secrets”.

You know those things or intimate thoughts that we dare not speak out loud out or say to even our best friends, husbands or wives. Why? you might ask (Come on. …

They told me that I had some type of mental break.

Being as young as I was; I’m not sure why a doctor or any army of doctors would try to explain such a thing to a child back then.

I look back now and just shake my head.


When I close my eyes.

You are there.

But I am not sure I can reach you.

I can see you laughing. And it’s a beautiful laugh.

I can see you lying there with your deep black, chocolate, red, blond or brown hair thrown about across the bed or couch.

R. Pea

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