K’MA (aka-Kiss My AZZ) ...Part 1

I ask you; when was the last time you had been kissed that was the most magical memorable kiss?

Do you remember?

Have you ever experienced that most magical of kisses?

Most kisses are nice or even memorable but not magical.

Maybe it happened this morning or maybe this evening, if you were that lucky person.

Or maybe it hasn't happened yet. Bummer!

I longed for “that” kiss. The one that stirred and unfurled a deep soulful passion. That feeling that blasted straight into a unquenchable and unfiltered lust that toiled around in my groin and waddled down under the bottom of my feet.

It only happened to me once which now seems like a lifetime ago.

I am named K’ Ma and I did not grow up in the rough streets or even come from a distressed existence of a home setting. So don't be going feeling sad for me. This is a life I chose, and I am its author who will write my own ending to my own story.

Some would say that I grew up on the good side of the bad streets. I had all the benefits of a middle-class family. But this feels nothing like living but more like just being.

I'm playing a role that society says I must play. The good girl. And I reject that.

Borrrring. Real life is brutal and wears a hardened warrior’s mask which under it lies a masquerade of fake niceties.

I met Sinya on the light rail train traveling through Baltimore. Tall with a slender build. A very taut muscular build of a boy to man whom at this very moment seemed to be very enticing. Curly crop of hair. Indianish looking boy with a touch of black I ventured a guess.

Mixee boy. Cute as shit. I sensed his “boys” had peeped me a couple of stops back. I’m praying that none of the other boys would come over to” hollar” at me.

And just my luck, a boy named Kee Yang (who I would later learn was the killer of the group along with Stu Dee Boy) would make the first move over to me and enter my personal space when he sat down next to me on the train.

He came with all that bravado and yacking… all that “hey baby, pretty chocolate skin shit.

Kee Yang sat down and put his arm around me seemingly all in one motion. I could see the one “I wanted” watching.

So, I’m now deciding whether I picked the loser or punk of the group or maybe he’s the leader. Maybe by sending his boy over to me he is testing me.

Either way he dun fuked up. As Kee Yang he leaned over to get closer to my face and lips, I moved one hand over to his junk and gently patted it (which he had a nice pkg.) and stroked it just a tad and with this distraction I had gotten out my stick knife.

As Kee Yang leaned in further as to try to kiss me with his bad breath self; I turned and stuck his azz in his dick area and whispered that if he even jumped or moved, I would stick him in his damn dick. He froze immediately and out of his funky mouth slithered the words I was a dead bitch.

Me to him. “You first”.

The fellas and Sinya paused their male giggling to a now shocked pause.

Sinya, finally spoke. “Hold up chocolates”, don’t do my boy like that”.

“I’m like, why not curly top” (I’m now looking him dead in the eyes)?

“If you stab him, then I can’t ask you out because HE WILL KILL YOU”, he responds with a little smirk to boot.

I turn to Kee Yang while at the same time pushing the knife harder at his dick and balls and look him dead in the eyes and gently kissed him. “You want to kill me”? “Do ya now? “I see that nice hard on has gone limp”. Did it curl up and go away?”

He grits his teeth and mutters “he will find me wherever I live and fuck me up really, really bad”.

As the rail train starts to enter the next stop, I slightly turn and look back at Sinya. “It's a date. 2 Saturdays from today on this same train” I say to him. “And by the way, leave your pets at home”.

Sinya cracks a little smile. As I keep my knife on Kee Yang and move to part of the train, I blow Sinya a kiss. And he catches it as the door train closes. I see Kee Yang start after me; Sinya pauses him. Kee Yang shots me a bird finger salute which I motion to catch and throw away.